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Becoming a Client

How to Enlist Our Services

The first step to becoming a client involves you contacting us and giving us a brief overview of your property/properties and yourself. In this way, we can better understand what is needed to make your investment a success. Once you've decided to hire Lighthouse Management, we'll ask you to complete some paperwork and return it to us. We also require you submit some tax forms to us, as required by the Internal Revenue Service. Once we have received all necessary paperwork from you, we send you an official copy of our real estate management agreement for your final signature, and then begin management for you!

Once you've decided to hire Lighthouse Management, please complete and return the following forms to us, along with proof of your ownership (deed or letter from your attorney):

U.S. Client Info Sheet - If you are a U.S. Citizen or own the property in a U.S.-based corporation or LLC, please fill out this U.S. Client Info Sheet and return it to us along with the first page of the W-9. In addition to submitting these forms to us, you must also submit proof of ownership (deed or closing statement), as this is often required documentation needed to process rent payments made by the Section 8 office or other rent-subsidizing agencies.

W-9 - This form is required by the IRS for US Citizens and US Entities (corporations, LLC, Trusts, etc.).

Non-U.S. Client Info Sheet - If you are not a U.S. Citizen or own your property in a foreign corporation or trust name, please fill out this Non-U.S. Client Info Sheet and return it to us along with the W-8ECI.

W-8ECI - This form is for non–US Citizens or foreign corporations. Please complete it accurately and return to us. (Please note: in order to accurately complete this form, you must already have an ITIN.)

W-7 / ITIN Application - If you have not yet obtained an ITIN, please refer to our ITIN application page. You must also submit to us a copy of the letter you received from the IRS confirming your assignment of your ITIN or EIN number.

Direct Deposit Form - Please fill out our Direct Deposit Form. If you do not wish to use this service to receive your rental income, and prefer a check be mailed to you, just write, "Mail Me a Check" under Part 2, Payee Financial Institution. Please note that the bank account we transfer to must be in the same name as the owner of the property – i.e. - if you own the property in a corporate name, we cannot transfer funds to your personal account, funds must be transferred to the corporate account matching the deeded name on the property.

Dual Agency Form - New York State law requires us to represent any tenant who is looking to rent a unit and who is not represented by any other real estate agent. Therefore, during the time of rental, Lighthouse is required by law to be an agent for the non-represented tenant applicant as well as you, our client. You simply sign this form to acknowledge Lighthouse's dual role.

Property Management Agreement - This will be sent to you for signature when Lighthouse has received all necessary documents from you. Once we receive the signed Management Agreement we can begin services for you!

Become a client with our agency for thorough management services.
You can sign up with Lighthouse Management by contacting us at (716) 880-0780.

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