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Acquiring an ITIN Number

If you are an overseas investor, you need to apply for a tax identification number from our government. This number is commonly known as an ITIN number. It is our government's way to identify you as you report income and expenses incurred on your investment rental property in Buffalo or Niagara Falls, NY. The first step in the process of acquiring an ITIN number through the IRS is to complete a form W-7.

W7 Application Form & Instructions—When you submit your W7 form, you will need proof of identification and a letter from Lighthouse Management. Lighthouse Management will provide you with the letter upon your request.

• Sample Letter to Submit with W7 Application
• ITIN Help
• W8ECI Instructions
• W8ECI Form

As you can see, we need you to supply us with your full name (first, middle, last), your date of birth, and your bank name and account number in order to complete this letter for you. Once you provide us with this information, we create the letter for you, scan it and email it back to you. We also mail a hard copy to you.

The ITIN application might cause you to have a few questions. We have compiled a list of helpful information to help you along the way. Once you receive your ITIN number, there's just one more thing to do. You need to complete and send to us a W8ECI form. This is the easiest step to complete. Please also send us the letter you receive from the IRS confirming your ITIN once it has been assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: Lighthouse Management is required to withhold and send to the Internal Revenue Service 28% of GROSS RENTS COLLECTED if we do not have a W8ECI on file for you

Contact Lighthouse Management in Buffalo, New York, with any questions.

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