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Property Maintenance and Management

Lighthouse Management has experienced property managers who work around the clock to care for and supervise your property and the tenants occupying it. Our real estate agents are there to tend to the details—from dispatching service calls to collecting rent to making sure the lawn gets cut. Lighthouse will act as the liaison between tenants and you.

Lighthouse understands you can't be in two places at once and seeks to protect your investment by ensuring that every aspect of your property is well maintained and cared for. We're looking out for you!

We have 3 basic charges for managing rental properties, as outlined below.

  1. Management Fee

    Our management fee is for our basic oversight of your property – which includes rent collection, meeting with tenants, leasing, leasing renewals, ‘walk throughs’ and annual inspections. The management fee is 10% of the rent collected. It is important to note that we charge only on the rent collected during the month and not on the rent due. In other words, we get paid based on our performance for you.

  2. Tenant Placement Fee

    The tenant placement fee is the fee we charge when we locate a tenant for your unit. This is not a regularly occurring fee and is only charged when we fill a vacancy for you. It covers the cost of advertising, showing, and screening the tenants. The fee is based on the rent charge and equal to monthly rent amount. If rent is $500, the tenant placement fee is $500; if rent is $900, the tenant placement fee is $900.

  3. Maintenance Fee

    We have our own in-house maintenance company, LMP Maintenance Inc. LMP is a contractor licensed through the city of Buffalo. It handles everything from daily service calls (e.g. no heat, running toilet, etc.) to apartment turn-over repairs like painting and cosmetic renovations, to full scale renovations, by using its team and its trusted partners of licensed Master Tradesmen.

When you need expert property management in Buffalo or Niagara Falls, NY, contact our agents for an appointment.

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